My hotmail sent a virus

30. října 2011 v 10:15

I have AVG anti virus software and everytime i run a scan it doesnt pick anything up but i have some sort of virus taking over my hotmail email. it keeps sending .
Best Answer: You have a virus that has now "hijacked" your e-mail, now turning your PC into a 'bot for the virus writer. I would recommend running MalwareBytes

My hotmail sent a virus

and .
My hotmail account is sending out spam to everyone; Hotmail email account is sending spam to all contacts? My hotmail account is sending out spam to everyone
Hi Can anyone help? Im not sure if this is a virus or not, it seems that something other than me has sent all my contacts the folowing email: Hey How
if i backup all my data and restore my computer to the way it was when i first brought it, would this virus go away? i have changed my hotmail password asap.
original title: hotmail virus My hotmail is infected with something. Messages are being sent out from my email address. I use Microsoft Security and McAffe, and .
Hotmail - About a month ago, I updated my blackberry after it was stol
This just started happening earlier this week. I get a bunch of notices everyday saying that emails I sent were not received and so I checked the outbox on my hotmail .
I My hotmail sent a virus just checked my hotmail SENT folder and saw that about a dozen emails were sent to my contacts in hotmail asking the recipient to visit some german web ISP web site.
If you are looking in your Sent folder and see emails being sent out to your contacts that you didn't send, your account has been compromised.
Best Answer: That is a type of computer infections. You are not being hacked. There are computer infections that target email contacts and/or instant messenger .
On Mar 28, to my surprise, as i was using Windows Live mail, the program started sending spam mails to
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